PBO is an all natural pain reliever like nothing else on the earth. It is an olive oil-based healing oil that is a proprietary blend of natural herbs, spices and essential oils.

PBO provides true symptom relief and not just pain relief by interacting with the human nervous system and the endocannabinoid system. The pain is not numbed. The pain disappears very rapidly due to the natural source of oxytocin in it. It speeds up the healing process in all different conditions by an average of 80 to 90%.

PBO absorbs into the body very quickly through the skin. The olive oil attaches to the myelin sheaths of the nerve endings creating a temporary bridge for the bodies natural electrical signals to flow through. The other components of the oil produce the healing sensation. It can be used directly out of the bottle, or it can be infused to produce an even greater pain relief and healing.


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